ISU-152 - WalkAround


Country Soviet Union
Type Heavy Assault Gun
Period 1943 – 1970s
Built 4635

The ISU-152 was a Soviet self-propelled gun developed and used during World War II. It was unofficially nicknamed zveroboy (Russian: Зверобой; “Beast killer”. in response to several large German tanks and guns coming into service. Since the ISU-152 has no turret, aiming the gun was awkward which had to be done by repositioning the entire vehicle using the tracks, therefore it was used as mobile artillery to support more mobile infantry and armor attacks. It continued service into the 1970’s and was used in several campaigns and countries.

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Photographer Unknow
Localisation Unknow
Photos 58
Wait, Searching ISU-152 for you…
ISU-152 Walk Around
Photographer Aleksey Martynenko
Photos 47
Localisation Unknow
ISU-152 Walk Around
Photographer Vladimir Yakubov
Localisation Great Patriotic War Museum, Minsk
Photos 50
ISU-152 Walk Around
Photographer Unknow
Localisation Unknow
Photos 21
ISU-152 Walk Around
Photographer Unknow
Localisation Unknow
Photos 48

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