Consolidated PBY 5-A Catalina - Walk Around

Consolidated PBY Catalina

Country USA
Category Military aircraft
Type Seaplane
First flight 28 March 1935

Photo gallery on a Consolidated PBY 5-A Catalina, The Consolidated PBY Catalina is a seaplane military designed in the 1930s in the United States. It has been widely used during the Second world War, both the us army and with other allied countries, performing a wide variety of missions (anti-submarine warfare, escort of convoys, search and rescue, etc).
Very reliable and able to travel large distances, the Catalina was built in about 4000 copies, of which part in Canada, and the soviet union. It has been used by over 25 different countries, including as a transport aircraft civil. A certain number of copies are still in service today, employed as water bombers in the framework of the fight against forest fires. Others have been restored and are maintained in a state of flight through a variety of associations.
The original designation of the aircraft was simply PBY1. He was called Catalina by the britanniques2, in reference to Santa Catalina Island. The planes are manufactured in Canada and were designated Canso.

Source: Consolidated PBY 5-A Catalina on Wikipedia

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Consolidated PBY 5-A Catalina Walk Around
Photographer Unknow
Location Unknow
Photos 176
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Technical characteristics :
Crew : 9 (pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer, radio operator, mechanic, navigator, 3 gunners (front turret, 2 port)
Length : 19,46 m
Scale : 31,70 m
Wing area : 130 m2
Empty weight : 9 485 kg
With armament : 16 066 kg
Maximum speed : 314 km/h
Plafond : 4000 m
Rayon d’action : 4030 km
Armement Interne : 2 mitrailleuses Browning 1919 de 7,62 mm dans le nez, 2 Browning M2 de 12,7 mm à l’avant, 1 Browning 1919 à l’arrière
Armement Externe : 1 800 kg de bombes ou de charges de profondeur

Consolidated PBY-6A Catalina Walk Around
Photographer Andrei Serohh
Location The Danmarks Tekniske Museum
Photos 30
Consolidated Catalina PBY-5a PH-PBY Walk Around
Photographer Cees Hendriks
Location Unknow
Photos 196

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