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IS-3 JS-3

Country USSR
Category Armoured vehicles
Type Heavy tank

Album 64 photos walk-around d’un tank IS-3

Photo gallery on a heavy tank IS-3, making his debut at the end of the Second world War the heavy tank IS-3 that is a battle tank soviet, was not able to take a very active part in the money fights. It has, however, participated in the military parade on 7 September 1945 in Berlin,especially for propaganda purposes. Calculating paying as he marked the spirits of the observers of the western powers to share its power and its modernity. The name (IS or JS) comes from the initials of Joseph Stalin, then head of the soviet (“J” for Joseph or “I” for “Joseph”, depending on whether or not use the Russian version of the name), the figure 3 designating the number of the version in the series of tanks Josef Stalin.

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Technical characteristics :
Crew : 4 (gunner/commander, a loader, a driver and a radio)
Length : 10 m
Width : 3.15 m
Height : 2,45 m
Mass combat : 46,5 tons
Armour : Up to 255 mm at the level of the turret
Main armament : A cannon D-25T 122 mm with a range of 15000m
Secondary armament : A machine gun Egypt DP-28 7.62 mm and one machine gun DShK 12.7 mm
Engine : A V-11-1S-3 diesel 12-cylinder 38880 cm3 520 hp (385 kW) at 2,200 revolutions per minute
Transmission : Caterpillar 6-wheel drive on each side
Suspension : torsion Bars
Road speed : 40 km/h on road – 19 km/h on any terrain
Tanks : 450 litres + 4 outdoor tanks of 90 litres each
Consumption : 340 litres per 100 km
Power mass : 11,2 horsepower-per-ton
Range : 185 km

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