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AEC 0853 Matador

Country  :  UK
Type  :  Medium Artillery Tractor
Introduction  :  1939
Description  : 

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Photo gallery of a AEC 0853 Matador, Initially conceived as a Medium Artillery Tractor, the 4×4 Matador normally pulled the 5.5inch field gun, with crew and ammunition carried in the cargo body.
Some were modified to actually carry a 25pounder in the back, so that from the air it looked less like an artillery unit.
The Matador HAA – Heavy Artillery Tractor was also produced, comprising 786 units out of a total of 8612 Matadors built by 1945. In addition, 400 chassis cabs were built for towing trailers by the RAF.
The design was influenced by an FWD/Hardy production in the early 1930s.

Source: Milweb

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