Fine Pelėsis FB7 - IJN Bombonešis KUGISHO D4Y3 JUDY

Fine Molds



Ref FB6

Modelio prekės Fine Pelėsis rinkinys IJN Bomber KUGISHO D4Y3 JUDY – Fine Molds FB7

Venus is the type of air-cooled engine was retrofit, a water-cooled Atsuta engine of the comet was suffering a delay of degradation and production capacity utilization. But what was reduced by an increase in air resistance, etc. speed performance, increased power and Kozokuryoku improvement. Was welcomed by the troops from that reliability and maintainability can be improved upon, and, most importantly. First appeared in 1944, has been struggling to attacks and suicide missions until the end of the war to the enemy task force.

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Fine Pelėsis FB7 - IJN Bombonešis KUGISHO D4Y3 JUDY
IJN Bombonešis KUGISHO D4Y3 JUDY – Fine Pelėsis FB7
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Peržiūros : 196


  • kugisho judy
  • 1/48 fine molds FB7
  • d4y3 48
  • fine molds d4y3 judy
  • fine moulds 1/48 d4y3 comet
  • IJN D4Y1/D4Y2 Judy
  • pof d4y3 type
  • самолёт fine molds fb7 1/48 ijn d4y3 judi

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