Fine Pelėsis FB8 - IJN Bombonešis KUGISHO D4Y4 JUDY

Fine Pelėsis



Ref FB8

Modelio prekės Fine Pelėsis rinkinys IJN Bomber KUGISHO D4Y4 JUDY – Fine Molds FB8

Final production of the series type comet to the basic type equipped with air-cooled engine thirty-three was subjected to the renovation of the main duties for the suicide attack and is the type forty-three comet. That for bombs 800kg, additional equipment of rocket acceleration and renovation of the bomb bay, such as better equipped bulletproof has been made, but excellent flight performance was characteristic of the comet was lost in combat is suicide bravely as one of the main machine. Was also normal attack sortie to the enemy task force, along with thirty-three also type.

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Fine Molds FB8 - IJN Bomber KUGISHO D4Y4 JUDY

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