M110A2 - ITALERI 291


Ref 291
Type Model kit
Scale 1/35


A model of the brand ITALERI the kit M110A2 – ITALERI 291.

The self-propelled guns of the M-110 series are the backbone of the 70 field artillery for the armed forces and American allies. The M-110 A2 has undergone significant improvements in comparison to his predecessor, M-107 and M-110 A1 and has been used by the U.S. military and by many NATO countries.

Equipped with a powerful 203 mm gun at long range, more than 36 km, able to use grenades in addition to the wide range of conventional and tactical nuclear charges including laser-guided missiles, the M-110 have been extensively used during the conflict Lebanon by Israel and 80s in the Gulf War by the allied coalition. Based on a hull high mobility and a weight content of the M-110 are aviotrasportabili by planes of the class of C-141 or C-5 to ensure an immediate availability in case of emergency or crisis.

Source: M110A2 by Italeri

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M110A2 - ITALERI 291
M110A2 – ITALERI 291
Maquette - M110A2 - ITALERI 291
M110A2 – ITALERI 291
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