Sd.Kfz.247 Ausf.B


Riik Natsi-Saksamaa
Roll Soomustatud auto
Teenus 1937–45
Ehitatud 10 (Ausf. A), 58 (Ausf. B)

Euroopa Sd.Kfz. 247 was an armored command car used by the German Armed Forces during World War II. Before the war, ten six-wheeled models (Ausf. A) were built; this was followed during the war by 58 four-wheeled models (Ausf. B). The proper name was schwerer geländegängiger gepanzerter Personenkraftwagen (“Heavy All-Terrain Armoured Motor Vehicle”).

Allikas: Sd.Kfz.247 Wikipedia

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Fotod 55
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