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The BA-3 (Russian: Broneavtomobil 3) was a heavy armored car developed in the Soviet Union in 1933, followed by a slightly changed model BA-6 in 1936. Both were based mostly on BA-I, the most important development being the new turret, same as in the T-26 m 1933 and BT-5 tanks, and also equipped with the 45 mm main gun. Around 180 BA-3 cars were built at the Izhorskij and Vyksunskij factories, until production ended in 1935. BA-6 followed with 386 cars produced between 1936 and 1938 in Izhorskij factory. Most of BA-3 production was based on the Ford-Timken chassis, a 6×4 modification of the US Ford AA 4×2 truck, but the last batch was built on Russian version of the same chassis – GAZ-AAA, continued to be used in BA-6. The biggest limitation of the BA-3 was the mobility, limited to roads or very hard ground, the result of unnecessarily[1] large weight. The innovation that slightly improved mobility were the auxiliary (“Overall”) tracks that could be fitted onto the rear tandem wheels, converting the car to half-track.

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Βάρος : 5.82 τ
Μήκος : 4.65 m
Πλάτος : 2.10 m
Ύψος : 2.20 m
Πλήρωμα : 4
Πανοπλία : 15mm πυργίσκο, 9mm hull
Κύριος οπλισμός : 45 mm 20-K όπλο (60 γύροι)
Δευτερεύον οπλισμός : 2×7.65 DT
Εμβέλεια λειτουργίας : 260 χιλιόμετρα
Ταχύτητα : 63 χιλιόμετρα/h

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