Beriev Be-6P (Qing-6)

ZeměSovětský Svaz
TypLétající člun
FotografieMartin Zahalka, Lukas Tlaskal
PopisAlbum 20 fotografie procházka kolem "Beriev Be-6P (Qing-6)"

Fotogalerie Beriev Be-6P (Qing-6), The Beriev Be-6 (USAF/DoD reporting name “Type 34”, NATO reporting name “Madge”) was a flying boat produced by the Soviet Beriev OKB. It was capable of accomplishing a wide variety of missions, such as long-range maritime reconnaissance, coastal and supply line patrols, torpedo/bombing strikes, mine-laying, and transport operations.

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Čekání, Hledání Beriev Be-6P (Qing-6) pro vás...
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