P-38J над Європою Обмежене видання - Едуард 1170


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ТипВійськова модель

P-38J over Europe Limited Edition

Модель бренду Едуард комплект: P-38J over Europe Limited Edition – Eduard 1170.

Limited edition of the P-38J Lightning in the 1/48 scale is based on Academy plastic parts. The increasing value of that kit is made by the Eduard additional detailing sets (exclusively included in this kit only). The Eduard Brassin accessories covers the cockpit (pilot’s compartment bay, pilot’s seat, armor plate behind the seat, center wing section, radio equipment), the superchargers (the entire supercharger, plus the supercharger intakes located on the engine sides) and landing gear wheels (including the front wheel, with superb details on their discs, also as the fine tire pattern). The photoetched accessories (colored) contains the instrument panel and seatbelts, air intake strainers and structure of the coolers intakes, landing gear interior and various exterior details. The decal sheet, designed by Eduard and printed by Cartograf features six colorful and attractive markings for Lightnings serving with various USAAF units in the ETO

Джерело: Едуард

P-38J над Європою Обмежене видання - Едуард 1170
P-38J над Європою Обмежене видання - Едуард 1170
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