Tamiya 60309 - Mitsubishi A6M5 Model 52 Zero


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Mitsubishi A6M5 Model 52 Zero

A model of the brand Tamiya the kit: Mitsubishi A6M5 Model 52 Zero – Tamiya 60309 .

1/32 scale, fuselage length: 286mm, wingspan: 344mm. From the subtle curves of the engine cowl to the tip of the vertical stabilizer, the form of the Zero Fighter has been recreated with incredible authenticity. Outer surfaces of fuselage, cockpit interior, and Sakae 21 engine boasts intricate detail that only Tamiya can provide. Model features 7 movable parts including landing gear, rudder, and flaps. Canopy and engine cowling can be modeled in the open or closed position. Mesh over air intake and seat belts incorporate photo-etched parts for maximum realism. Canopy masking seals, three types of markings, and two types of pilot figures included.

Source: Mitsubishi A6M5 on Tamiya

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Tamiya 60309 - Mitsubishi A6M5 Model 52 Zero
Mitsubishi A6M5 Model 52 Zero – Tamiya 60309
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