German Tank Destroyer Elefant - Tamiya 35325


Ref 35325
TypeScale model

German Tank Destroyer Elefant

A model of the brand Tamiya the kit: German Tank Destroyer Elefant – Tamiya 35325 .

Length: 236mm. Fighting compartment, 8.8cm gun, and cupola have been accurately reproduced. Bolt-on front armor, engine grille, and machine gun mount are depicted. Assembly type tracks have one-piece straight sections and feature a realistic sag effect. 1 commander, 1 loader, and 1 driver torso figures and 3 marking options included.

Source: Tank Destroyer Elefant on Tamiya

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German Tank Destroyer Elefant - Tamiya 35325
German Tank Destroyer Elefant – Tamiya 35325
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