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M10 Achilles Uničevalec Tankov

Kit, iz blagovne znamke ITALERI the kit “M10 Achilles Tank Destroyer – ITALERI 6485”.

Ameriški Uničevalec tankov M10 armed forces was provided by a British aid program to support the war effort against Germany. Its main armament was considered unsuitable Dagi British replaced it with the gun already used on the Sherman Firefly. The ‘M-10 had its baptism of fire in Normandy and later in Italy. It was not only used by the British military, departments Poles, South Africans and New Zealanders.

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M10 Achilles Tank Destroyer - ITALERI 6485
M10 Achilles Tank Destroyer – ITALERI 6485
Wait, Searching M10 Achilles Tank Destroyer for you…

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