Alvis Saladin FV601

Šalátové obrnené auto

KrajinyVeľká Británia
TypObrnené auto
MiestoMúzeum Yad La-Shiryon, Latrun.

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Fotogaléria Šalátové obrnené auto, The Saladin (FV601) is a six-wheeled armoured car built by Alvis, and fitted with a 76mm gun. Used extensively by the British Army, it replaced the AEC Armoured Car that had been in service since World War II. The Saladin was the armoured car of Alvis’ FV600 series, using similar suspension and drive train components to the Saracen armoured personnel carrier, Stalwart high mobility load carrier and Salamander fire tender. It is named after the warrior Saladin, Alvis using names beginning with an “S” for the whole range of FV600 vehicles.

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The Saladin Armored Car was a British six-wheeled armored vehicle that was designed and produced in the 1950s. It was intended to provide reconnaissance and fire support for armored units, and was armed with a 76 mm gun and a coaxial machine gun. The Saladin had a crew of three: a driver, a commander, and a gunner. It had a top speed of 72 km/h and a range of 400 km. The Saladin was widely exported to various countries, including Australia, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, and Sudan. It saw combat in several conflicts, such as the Suez Crisis, the Six-Day War, the Dhofar Rebellion, and the Nigerian Civil War. The Saladin was eventually replaced by more modern vehicles, such as the Scorpion and the Fox.

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