Landsverk M38

Landsverk L180

ÚlohuObrnené auto
V prevádzke1933-1980s
VýrobcaAB Landsverk

Komisia Landsverk L-180, L-181 and L-182 are a family of armored cars developed by the Swedish company AB Landsverk during the interwar years. They had a good international reputation for being fast, robust and reliable and were acquired in small numbers by Denmark, Estonia, Ireland and the Netherlands, among others. The L-180s were designated Pantserwagen M-38.

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The Landsverk L180 was a Swedish armored car that was developed in the 1930s and exported to several countries, including Denmark, Estonia, Ireland and the Netherlands. It was based on a Büssing-NAG truck chassis and had a six-wheeled configuration with four rear wheels driven by a V8 petrol engine. The armored car had a crew of five and was armed with a Bofors 37 mm or Madsen 20 mm cannon in a rotating turret and two or three machine guns in the hull. The Landsverk L180 had a reputation for being fast, robust and reliable and was used in various roles such as reconnaissance, patrol and command. It saw action in World War II with different operators and some were captured and used by Nazi Germany. The Landsverk L180 was one of the most advanced armored cars of its time and influenced the design of later vehicles.

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