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Панхард СФИНКС

ТипБронированная разведывательная машина

Teh СФИНКС (Секретный проект для высокой интенсивности и новых конфликтов) был разработан Panhard как частное предприятие для удовлетворения требования французской армии EBCR (Engine Blinde de Reconnaissance et de Combat). EBRC расшифровывается как бронированная машина для разведки и боя. Новая бронированная машина предназначена для замены стареющих AMX-10RC и ERC-90 Sagaie.

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Panhard Sphinx Walk Around
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The Panhard SPHINX is a 6×6 armored reconnaissance vehicle that was developed by the French defense company Panhard as a private venture. It was intended to meet the French Army’s requirement for a new combat vehicle to replace the old AMX-10RC and ERC-90 Sagaie. The SPHINX has a high level of mobility, protection and firepower, making it suitable for reconnaissance, fire support and rapid intervention missions. The SPHINX has an all-welded steel hull with modular add-on armor that can be adapted to different threats. It can withstand 14.5 mm rounds, artillery fragments, rocket propelled grenades and anti-tank mines. It also has a V-shaped hull to deflect blasts from below. The vehicle is equipped with NBC protection system and laser warning receiver. The SPHINX is armed with a two-man turret that houses a 40 mm automatic cannon with dual-feed system and a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun. The turret also has two launchers for anti-tank guided missiles on each side. The 40 mm cannon can fire up to 180 rounds per minute and engage targets up to 2 km away. The vehicle has a crew of three: a driver, a gunner and a commander. The SPHINX is powered by a V12 turbodiesel engine that develops 600 hp. It can reach a maximum speed of 110 km/h on road and has a range of 1 000 km. The vehicle can be airlifted by an A400M or C-130 transport aircraft.

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