EBRC Ягуар Прото

EBRC Ягуар

ТипРазведывательная машина
Производства2020–настоящее время

Engin Blindé de Reconnaissance et de Combat Jaguar (Бронированная разведывательно-боевая машина Jaguar) или EBRC Ягуар — французская бронированная разведывательно-дозорная машина, которая заменит разведывательно-огневые машины AMX 10 RC и ERC 90 Sagaie французской армии, а также VAB Mephisto.

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The EBRC Jaguar is a new generation of armoured reconnaissance and combat vehicle developed by a consortium of French companies for the French Army and its allies. The vehicle is designed to perform a variety of missions, such as scouting, fire support, anti-tank warfare, and urban combat. The EBRC Jaguar features a 6×6 chassis with high mobility and protection, as well as a modular turret armed with a 40mm cased telescoped cannon, anti-tank missiles, and a machine gun. The vehicle also has advanced sensors and communication systems to provide situational awareness and network-centric capabilities. The EBRC Jaguar is expected to enter service in 2020 and replace the ageing AMX-10 RC, ERC 90 Sagaie, and VAB Mephisto vehicles in the French Army.

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