Jeep willys i przyczepa - A01322 Airfix


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Jeep willys i trailer

Modele marki Airfix zestaw : Willys Jeep and Trailer – Airfix A01322.

The ultimate utilty vehicle in WWII was the Willys Jeep. Due to the huge demand Ford was contracted to produce them as well. The Ford car was then designated GPW, with the “W” referring to the “Willys” licensed design. During World War II, Willys produced 363,000 Jeeps and Ford some 280,000. Approximately 51,000 were exported to the U.S.S.R. under the Lend-Lease program. A top speed of 65mph and a lightweight construction enabled it to operate in many locations unsuited to other vehicles.

Źródło: Jeep willys i trailer w batalionie

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Jeep willys i przyczepa - A01322 Airfix
Jeep willys i przyczepa – A01322 Airfix
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