Sd.Kfz.138 Ausf.M Marder III - WalkAround

Sd.Kfz.138 Ausf.M Marder III

CountryNazi Germany
RoleTank destroyer
In service1942–1945

Marder III was the name for a series of World War II German tank destroyers. They mounted either Soviet 76.2 mm F-22 Model 1936 divisional field guns, or German 7.5 cm PaK 40, in an open-topped fighting compartment on top of the chassis of the Panzer 38(t).

Source: Sd.Kfz.138 Ausf.M Marder III on Wikipedia

Wait, Searching Sd.Kfz.138 Ausf.M Marder III photos for you…
Sd.Kfz.138 Ausf.M Marder III
Wait, Searching Sd.Kfz.138 Ausf.M Marder III for you…
SdKfz.138 Marder 38H Walk Around
PhotographerVladimir Yakubov
LocalisationMusee des Blindes, Saumur

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