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The VW 166 Schwimmwagen is a German amphibious car in use during the Second World War. The 4X4 mode of this lightweight, off-road car is only active in the first and reverse. Its ground clearance being quite high and benefiting from differentials type self-blocking pebbles this machine is a real pass-all. The Schwimmwagen is mainly used as a liaison or reconnaissance vehicle and as a quick means to evacuate wounded people.

Un embout d’hélice relevable permet de facilement basculer en mode amphibie, la propulsion dans l’eau se faisant uniquement en marche avant. Avec plus de 15000 unités construites entre 1941 et 1944 la Schwimmwagen est surement un des véhicules amphibie les plus produits de tous les temps.

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The Schwimmwagen was a four-wheel drive amphibious vehicle used by the German military during World War II. It was based on the Volkswagen Beetle, but modified with a propeller and a watertight body. The Schwimmwagen could travel on land and water, making it useful for reconnaissance, patrol, and transport missions. The Schwimmwagen was the most mass-produced amphibious car in history, with over 15,000 units built between 1941 and 1944. It was also one of the most versatile vehicles of the war, capable of crossing rivers, lakes, swamps, and even the English Channel.

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