M54 Guntruck

M54 Guntruck

TypePansrede kjøretøy
FotografiVladimir Yakubov
FinnUS Army Transportation Museum
BeskrivelseAlbum av 58 bilder walk-rundt av en "M54 Guntruck"

Bildegalleri av en M54 Guntruck, A gun truck is an armored vehicle with a crew-served weapon used by units of regular armies or other official government armed forces to escort military convoys in regions subject to ambush by guerrilla forces. One truck, an M54 named by its crew “Eve of Destruction” was brought back intact and is on display at the Army Transportation Museum at Fort Eustis, Virginia.

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Vente, Søke M54 Guntruck bilder for deg...
Vente, Søke M54 Guntruck for deg...

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