AVGP Cougar

Armoured Vehicle General Purpose

Land Canada
Role Gepantserd gevechtsvoertuig
In gebruik 1976-heden
Gebouwd Onbewust

De AVGP (Armoured Vehicle General Purpose) is een serie van drie gepantserde gevechtsvoertuigen besteld door het Canadese leger in 1977. De voertuigen, de Grizzly, Cougar en Husky, waren gebaseerd op de zeswielige versie van de Zwitserse MOWAG Piranha I.

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AVGP Cougar Walk Around
Fotograaf Vladimir Yakubov
Lokalisatie Ontario Regiment Museum
Foto 's 73
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AVGP Grizzly Walk Around
FotograafVladimir Yakubov
LokalisatieOntario Regiment Museum
Foto 's89
AVGP Husky Walk Around
FotograafVladimir Yakubov
LokalisatieOntario Regiment Museum
Foto 's105
Meer info:

De Gepantserde voertuigen voor algemeen gebruik (AVGP) is a family of wheeled armoured vehicles that were developed by Canada in the 1970s. The AVGP consists of three variants: the Cougar, a fire support vehicle armed with a 76 mm gun; the Grizzly, an armoured personnel carrier that can carry up to 10 soldiers; and the Husky, a recovery vehicle equipped with a crane and a winch. The AVGP was designed to provide mobility and protection for Canadian troops in peacekeeping and low-intensity conflict missions. The AVGP has a six-wheel drive system that allows it to traverse rough terrain and overcome obstacles.
The AVGP also has a central tire inflation system that enables it to adjust the tire pressure according to the terrain conditions. The AVGP has a diesel engine that provides a maximum speed of 100 km/h on roads and a range of 660 km. The AVGP has a welded steel hull that offers protection against small arms fire and shell splinters. The AVGP also has smoke grenade launchers and a nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) protection system. The Avgp was used by the Canadian Forces in various operations around the world, such as in Cyprus, Bosnia, Somalia and Afghanistan. The AVGP was also exported to several countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Chile and Uruguay. The AVGP is still in service with some of these countries, while Canada has retired most of its AVGP fleet and replaced it with newer vehicles.

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