Laffly V15T

Laffly V15

VaidmenįPistoletas traktorius
LaikotarpįAntrasis pasaulinis karas

"Laffly V15T" buvo prancūzų lengvasis 4WD artilerijos traktorius, naudotas Antrojo pasaulinio karo metu. Jis buvo naudojamas vilkti 25 mm SA prieštankinį ginklą. Personalo vežėjas ir žvalgybos transporto priemonė, pagrįsta ta pačia važiuokle, buvo paskirta kaip V15R. Pati "Laffly" kompanija pagamino tik pirmąją 100 V15 partiją, o likusią gamybos dalį perėmė "Corre La Licorne".

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Laffly V15T Walk Around
PhotographerYuri Pasholok
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ACE - 72535
Prancūzų WW2 artilerijos traktorius (4x4) V15T
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The Laffly V15 was a French light armored car that saw service in World War II. It was designed by the Laffly company, which specialized in producing military vehicles with high mobility and off-road performance. The V15 was based on a modified truck chassis and had a four-wheel drive system and large wheels. It was armed with a 25 mm anti-tank gun and a 7.5 mm machine gun in a rotating turret. The V15 had a crew of three and could reach a speed of 65 km/h on roads.
The Laffly V15 was first produced in 1938 and was intended to be used for reconnaissance and anti-tank missions. It was deployed by the French Army in the Battle of France in 1940, where it proved to be effective against German light tanks and armored cars. However, it also suffered from some drawbacks, such as poor armor protection, limited ammunition supply, and low reliability. The V15 was also used by the Free French Forces in North Africa and the Middle East, where it faced more formidable opponents such as the German Panzer III and IV. The V15 was gradually replaced by more modern armored vehicles such as the M8 Greyhound and the Daimler Armored Car. The Laffly V15 was one of the most advanced light armored cars of its time, but it was not enough to stop the German invasion of France.

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