MT-55 Bridgelayer

MT-55 Bridgelayer

유형Armoured vehicle-launched bridge
찾기“Stalin Line” Museum, Zaslavl, Belarus
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의 사진 갤러리 MT-55 Bridgelayer, The MT-55A (Slovak: Mostný tank) is an armoured vehicle-launched bridge (AVLB) tank, manufactured by ZTS Martin in Slovakia. The AVLB is based on a T-55A medium tank chassis, with the turret detached and replaced by a special bridge launching equipment. The MT-55A was produced for the armies of the Warsaw Pact (including the Soviet Army), as well as for export clients.

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Wait, Searching MT-55 Bridgelayer for you…

유형Armoured vehicle-launched bridge
체중36.0 tonnes
길이9,88m (with span)
3,30m (with span)
고도3,35m (with span)
2 (commander, driver)

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