F/A-18B/D 벌 푸른 천사들이 제한된 버전-Hasegawa09956


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F/A-18B/D 벌 푸른 천사

뉴스 2012 의 브랜드 Hasegawa 키트: F/A-18B/D 벌 푸른 천사들이 제한된 버전–Hasegawa09956니다.

The Blue Angels replaced their fleet of A-4 Skyhawks with the F/A-18 Hornet in 1986, and it’s been a signature fighter for their routines ever since. In September 2011, the Blue Angels started using a 50/50 blend of conventional jet fuel and biofuel, which is far more environmentally friendly than earlier fuel mixtures. This limited edition kit features new vertical tail wing parts. Decal Options: F/A-18B: U.S. Navy aerobatic team “Blue Angels,” Code: 7, 2011 F/A-18D: U.S. Navy aerobatic team “Blue Angels,” Code: 7

출처: 넷 블루에 천사 HasegawaUsa

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F/A-18B/D 벌 푸른 천사들이 제한된 버전-Hasegawa09956
F/A-18B/D 벌 푸른 천사들이 제한된 버전–Hasegawa09956
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