German 3 ton Cargo Truck - Forces of Valor 80020

Forces of Valor

Ref 80020
유형화물 트럭

German 3 ton Cargo Truck

뉴스 2012 의 브랜드 Forces of Valor 키트: 독일어 3 톤 화물 트럭–력 용기의 80020.

-Constructed of both die cast metal and plastic. -Hood and cab are metal. -Rubber wheels. -Rotating wheels. -Includes a driver and four soldiers. -Accurate markings and insignia. -Comes with assorted accessories. -New packaging for 2012 no ties or screws, double blister construction.

: German 3 ton Cargo Truck on Forces of Valor

German 3 ton Cargo Truck - Forces of Valor 80020
독일어 3 톤 화물 트럭–력 용기의 80020
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