IJA 메인 배틀 탱크 타입 97 치하 - 파인 몰드 FM27

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IJA 메인 배틀 탱크 타입 97 CHI-HA

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브랜드의 모델 미세 금형 키트 IJA Main Battle Tank Type 97 CHI-HA – Fine Molds FM27

It was active in the core and tank forces in the Japanese Type 97 tank is [Chiha]. Initially the car this had been primarily intended to support infantry, from the 1942 production to prepare for turret a large antitank gun 47mm with improved capacity tank of [Chiha turret new] will be initiated. Was shifted to one side of the car to change the shape of the second half of the body which contains the engine, engine cooling efficiency and improved elasticity of Thailand, transitional vehicle chassis includes a new turret also conventional was seen.

IJA 메인 배틀 탱크 타입 97 치하 - 파인 몰드 FM27
IJA 메인 배틀 탱크 타입 97 치하 - 파인 몰드 FM27
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