IJA 유형 97 장갑차 TE-KE-정밀 금형콘 fm10

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IJA Type 97 light armored car TE-KE

Ref 콘 fm10

브랜드의 모델 정밀한 금형 이 키트 IJA Type 97 light armored TE-KE – Fine Molds FM10

Reconnaissance on the battlefield, it has been developed for search and contact is Type 97 light armor is [Teke]. Said body has been put together into a compact and lightweight, as a vehicle of this type and can be top class in the world, was produced machine gun type and 7.7mm, two types of tank gun type 37mm.

IJA 유형 97 장갑차 TE-KE-정밀 금형콘 fm10
IJA 유형 97 장갑차 TE-KE–정밀 금형콘 fm10
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