U.s. 戦艦BB-62新しいジャージー-タミヤ78028


Ref 78028

U.S. Battleship BB-62 New Jersey (w/Detail Up Parts)

モデルのブランド タミヤ このキット: U.S. Battleship BB-62 New Jersey – Tamiya 78028 .

-The decorated career of the USS New Jersey lasted over 40 years after the end of WWII and this 1/350 scale model depicts the ship in her final modernized form as a missile-carrying battleship in the 1980s. -New parts are included to depict details such as 5-inch gun turrets, Mk.38 Fire Control System, and Mk.48 Rangefinders. -Modelers may also choose to depict details such as radars with either plastic or photo-etched parts.

: U.S. Battleship BB-62 New Jersey on Tamiya

U.s. 戦艦BB-62新しいジャージー-タミヤ78028
U.s. 戦艦BB-62新しいジャージー–タミヤ78028
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