GTK Boxer


PaeseGermany + Netherlands
RuoloVeicolo da combattimento corazzato multiruolo

Le Pugile is a multirole armoured fighting vehicle designed by an international consortium to accomplish a number of operations through the use of installable mission modules. The governments participating in the Boxer programme have changed as the programme has developed. The Boxer vehicle is produced by the ARTEC GmbH (armoured vehicle technology) industrial group, and the programme is being managed by OCCAR (Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation). ARTEC GmbH is based in Munich; its parent companies are Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH and Rheinmetall Military Vehicles GmbH on the German side, and Rheinmetall Defence Nederland B.V. for the Netherlands. Overall, Rheinmetall has a 64% stake in the joint venture.

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The Boxer is a multirole armoured fighting vehicle that was designed by an international consortium of Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. It has a modular design that allows it to switch between different mission modules depending on the operational requirements. The Boxer can perform various roles such as troop transport, command and control, combat engineering, field ambulance, logistics and infantry fighting.
The Boxer has a high level of protection and mobility thanks to its composite armour and 8×8 wheel drive. It is powered by a diesel engine that can produce up to 805 hp and reach a maximum speed of 103 km/h. The Boxer can also be fitted with different weapons systems depending on the configuration, such as a 30 mm LANCE turret or a Cobra bridgelayer system.
The Boxer has been in service since 2011 and has been used by several countries including Germany, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Australia and the UK. The Boxer programme is managed by OCCAR (Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation) and produced by ARTEC GmbH (armoured vehicle technology), a joint venture of Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann.

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