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Beechcraft Modello 17

RuoloAerei da addestramento e da utezione
Primo volo4 novembre, 1932

Le Beechcraft Modello 17 Sbalorditivo è un biplano americano con un'ala negativa atipica (l'ala inferiore è più avanti dell'ala superiore), che volò per la prima volta nel 1932.

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Beechcraft B17R Staggerwing a piedi intorno
FotografoVladimir Jakubov
LocalizzazionePlanes of Fame Air Show
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Beech UC-43 Traveler
FotografoVladimir Jakubov
LocalizzazioneMuseo dell'aria di Yanks
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The Beechcraft Model 17 is a historic biplane that was designed and produced by the American company Beech Aircraft Corporation. It was first flown in 1932 and became one of the most popular civilian aircraft of its time. The Model 17 is also known as the Staggerwing, because of its unusual configuration of the upper wing being set back from the lower wing. The Staggerwing had many advantages over other biplanes, such as higher speed, better performance, and more comfort for the passengers. The Model 17 was used for various purposes, such as air racing, business travel, military service, and personal flying.
The Model 17 was also one of the first aircraft to feature retractable landing gear, which improved its aerodynamics and reduced drag. The Model 17 was produced in several variants, with different engines, wingspans, and payloads. The most common variant was the D17S, which had a Pratt & Whitney R-985 radial engine and could carry four people. The Model 17 was in production until 1949, with a total of 785 units built. Today, the Model 17 is a highly sought-after collector’s item and many examples are still flying or displayed in museums around the world.

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