Század Jel - SS5717

Század Jel

SerieAmor Sétálni
TémaM7 Pap
Időszakmásodik világháború

Une aláírt dokumentáció Század Jel le livre «M7 Priest Walk Around – Squadron Signal SS5717» .

Az Egyesült Államok M7 self-propelled 105mm Howitzer, known as the Pap, was originally developed on the basis of an M3 medium tank chassis. Nicknamed the Pap be cause of its pulpit-like anti-aircraft ring, the vehicle was intended to provide armored units with organic, highly-mobiile artillery support. Production began in April 1942 and it first went into combat with British at the Second Battle of El-Alamein in the autumn of that year, with US forces first taking the American – built vehicle into engagements in Tunisia somewhat later. M4 Sherman tank parts were incorporated into later Priests, in place of the earlier M3 tank components, and later models – those built during 1944 and after – also featured fold-down armor along the sides and rear of the lighting compartment. Packed with more than 230 photographs, plus color profiles and detailed line drawings. Doyle; 80 pages.

Forrás: Század Jel

Század Jel - SS5717
M7 Pap Sétálni – Század Jel SS5717
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