M3 Közepes Tank Sétálni - Század Jel SS5712

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TémaM3 Medium Tank

Egy könyvet írt alá Század Jel the revue «M3 Medium Tank Walk Around – Squadron Signal SS5712» .

A M3 Medium Tank was designed as an interim answer to European battlefield conditions at the start of World War II. The tank was required to have heavier armor and a gun twice the size of the M2A1. Additionally, plans needed to be ready in 60 days. The solution was the M3’s unconventional design, which features a 75mm main gun mounted in a sponson on the right, front of the hull. The British dubbed their version ‘General Grant’ and named the US Army version the ‘General Lee.’ This book takes a detailed look at the M3 Medium Tank with more than 200 photographs, color profiles and detailed line drawings. Doyle; 80 pages.

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M3 Közepes Tank Sétálni - Század Jel SS5712
M3 Medium Tank Walk Around – Squadron Signal SS5712
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