M3 Średni czołg spacer - Eskadra Sygnał SS5712

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Serie(a)Amor spacer
TematM3 Medium Tank

Książka podpisana Sygnał eskadry the revue «M3 Medium Tank Walk Around – Squadron Signal SS5712» .

Tthe M3 (włas iem Medium Tank was designed as an interim answer to European battlefield conditions at the start of World War II. The tank was required to have heavier armor and a gun twice the size of the M2A1. Additionally, plans needed to be ready in 60 days. The solution was the M3’s unconventional design, which features a 75mm main gun mounted in a sponson on the right, front of the hull. The British dubbed their version ‘General Grant’ and named the US Army version the ‘General Lee.’ This book takes a detailed look at the M3 Medium Tank with more than 200 photographs, color profiles and detailed line drawings. Doyle; 80 pages.

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Wait, Searching Squadron Signal SS5712 for you…
M3 Średni czołg spacer - Eskadra Sygnał SS5712
M3 Medium Tank Walk Around – Squadron Signal SS5712
Wait, Searching M3 Medium Tank for you…

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