Panhard AMD 178

Panhard AMD 178

RôleVoiture blindée
ConstruitVersion 729 A + version 414 B

La Panhard 178 (officiellement désignée comme Automitrailleuse de Découverte Panhard modèle 1935, 178 étant le numéro de projet interne à Panhard) ou « Pan-Pan » was an advanced French reconnaissance 4×4 armoured car that was designed for the French Army Cavalry units before World War II. It had a crew of four and was equipped with an effective 25 mm main armament and a 7.5 mm coaxial machine gun. A number of these vehicles were in 1940 taken over by the Germans after the Fall of France and employed as the Panzerspähwagen P204 (f) for some months after the armistice of June production continued for the benefit of Germany. After the war a derived version, the Panhard 178B, was again taken into production by France.

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