Paolo Fanin

Heavy Tank M6

PapelTanque pesado
ProducidoPeríodo de la Segunda Guerra Mundial
Construido40 (prototipos)

el Tanque pesado M6 fue un tanque pesado estadounidense diseñado durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. El tanque fue producido en pequeñas cantidades y nunca vio combate.

Fuente: Tanque pesado M6 en Wikipedia

M6 Heavy Tank Walk Around
FotógrafosPaolo Fanin
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The Heavy Tank M6 was an American heavy tank designed during World War II. The tank was produced in small numbers and never saw combat. The tank was originally conceived as a multi-turreted vehicle with a 75 mm main gun and several secondary weapons, but this design was abandoned in favor of a single-turret model with a 3-inch gun and a coaxial 37 mm gun. The tank had a cast or welded hull, depending on the variant, and a vertical volute spring suspension with four bogies per side.
The tank weighed over 50 tons and was powered by a Wright G-200 radial gasoline engine coupled with a torque converter or an electric transmission. The tank had thick armor ranging from 25 to 83 mm, but it was also slow and cumbersome. The tank faced many technical problems during development and testing, and was rejected by the US Army Armored Force as unsuitable for modern warfare. Only 40 tanks were built, most of which were used for training purposes or scrapped after the war.

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