Ba-20 (sen produktion serie/konisk tårn) - Es-Modeller 48109

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TypeSpejder køretøj


BA-20 (Russian: BroneAvtomobil 20) developed in the Soviet Union in 1936 on a chassis of civilian GAZ-M1 car as a scout vehicle. The BA-20s tires were designed to be resistant to bullets and shrapnel by the simple expedient of filling them with spongy rubber. The BA-20 was used by the Red Army in the Soviet invasion of Poland later in 1939 and the Winter War against Finland in 1940, as well as the early stages of WW II. Production was ended 1941, with some 4,800 BA-20s built.

Kilde: ACE Modeller
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Ba-20 (sen produktion serie/konisk tårn) - Es-Modeller 48109
Ba-20 (sen produktion serie/konisk tårn) – Es-Modeller 48109
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