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During WWII under the terms of the Lend-Lease agreement, apart from thousands of the well-known ‘Studebakers’, a limited number of Diamond and White heavy ballast tractors appeared in the USSR. These trucks made a great impression on the Soviet military, because the ZIS-5 and GAZ-AA, which Soviet industry had been producing since the pre-war period, could not compare with the American vehicles, which were able to haul a trailer loaded even with heavy tanks. Immediately after the end of the war the Yaroslavl motor works, which had previously produced YAG-6 trucks in very small quantities, received an order to develop a new truck. So in 1947 appeared the YAZ-200, the first Soviet truck with a fourteen-cylinder diesel engine, and a year later, the YAZ-210 with a more powerful six-cylinder YAZ-206 diesel. These trucks began to figure in the inventory of the Soviet Army; however, the Army had need of a truck with much better characteristics, especially taking into consideration cross country ability…..

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Čekání, Hledání Roden 804 pro vás...
KrAZ-214B - Roden 804
KrAZ-214B – Roden 804
KrAZ-214B - Roden 804
KrAZ-214B – Roden 804
KrAZ-214B - Roden 804
KrAZ-214B – Roden 804
Čekání, Hledání KrAZ-214B pro vás...

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