Schneider CA1 (replika)

Schneider CA1

TypTěžký tank
V provozu1916–1918 (Francie) / 1921–1936 (Španělsko)

Schneider CA 1 (originally named the Schneider CA) was the first French tank, developed during the First World War. The Schneider was inspired by the need to overcome the stalemate of trench warfare which on the Western Front prevailed during most of the Great War. It was designed specifically to open passages for the infantry through barbed wire and then to suppress German machine gun nests. After a first concept by Jacques Quellennec devised in November 1914, the type was developed from May 1915 onwards by engineer Eugène Brillié, paralleling British development of tanks the same year. Colonel Jean Baptiste Eugène Estienne in December 1915 began to urge for the formation of French armoured units, leading to an order in February 1916 for four hundred Schneider CA tanks, which were manufactured by SOMUA, a subsidiary of Schneider located in a suburb of Paris, between September 1916 and August 1918.

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Schneider CA1
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The Schneider CA1 was the first French tank, developed during the First World War. It was designed to break through the enemy trenches and barbed wire, and to support the infantry with its 75 mm cannon and two machine guns. The tank was based on a modified Holt tractor chassis, with an armoured box-like superstructure. The Schneider CA1 had a crew of six men and a top speed of 8 km/h.
It was first used in combat in April 1917, but suffered heavy losses due to mechanical failures and enemy fire. Despite its flaws, the Schneider CA1 contributed to the development of tank warfare and played a role in some of the major battles of the war.

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