La bataille de Belgique - Armor At War 7045

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SeriesArmor At War
TitleThe battle of Belgium
DescriptionDescription of the last German offensive
majeure sur le front ouest

The Battle of the Ardennes is the designation given to all military operations that have taken place in the belgian Ardennes and the north of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg during the winter of 1944-1945. The battle started on 16 December 1944 by a surprise attack on a German-to which we gave the name of" Offensive von Rundstedt ". This last was opposite : he believed that the objective was too ambitious. The Anglo-Americans call it "Battle of the Bulge" (Battle of the Bulge) seen the wedge shape that the front line had been taken when the penetration of German was arrested. The battle of the Bulge ends at the end of January 1945 after the pushback of the Germans beyond their line of departure.

Source: Wikipedia

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La bataille de Belgique - Armor At War 7045
The battle of Belgium – Armor At War 7045
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