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Aérospatiale Gazelle

РоляUtility helicopter / Armed helicopter
Първата муха7 April 1967

В Aérospatiale Газела is a French five-seat helicopter, commonly used for light transport, scouting and light attack duties. It is powered by a single Turbomeca Astazou turbine engine and was the first helicopter to feature a fenestron tail instead of a conventional tail rotor. It was designed by Sud Aviation, later Aérospatiale, and manufactured in France and the United Kingdom through a joint production agreement with Westland Aircraft. Further manufacturing under license was performed by SOKO in Yugoslavia and the Arab British Helicopter Company (ABHCO) in Egypt.

Източник: Уикипедия

Wait, Searching SA340 Gazelle photos for you…
SA340 Gazelle
Wait, Searching SA340 Gazelle for you…
Aerospatiale Gazelle HT.3
ФотографВладимир Якубов
ЛокализацияВертикален Беззаконие Авиошоу

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Airfix - 01059G
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