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Photo gallery of a M9A1 HalfTrack, The M9A1 resulted from the fact that White and Autocar could not keep pace with the demand for half-track cars, and was analogous to the M2 half-track. M9A1s differed in several respects from the M2A1, however. M9A1s lacked the side ammunition compartments, featured rear doors, the fenders on the M9A1s were flat in cross-section, and unlike the M2A1 the M9A1’s body was the same length as the M5’s, its personnel carrier counterpart. The M9A1 also never had the large fender-mounted headlights. International Harvester used rolled homogeneous steel armor on their vehicles, which allowed plates to be welded together, giving IHC’s half-tracks a smoother appearance than the bolted half-tracks.

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Wait, Searching M9A1 HalfTrack photos for you…
Wait, Searching M9A1 HalfTrack for you…

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  • m9a1
  • m5ハーフトラック
  • トラック各部の名称
  • m2 halftrack walk
  • M3ハーフトラック
  • m9a1 half track
  • M9/M9A1ハーフトラック
  • M2 Half-track Car
  • M9A1 Halftrack
  • トラック 各部 名称
  • m9a1 half track for sale
  • トラック 各部名称
  • halftrack m9
  • M2A1ハーフトラック
  • m2a1 half track fotky
  • m12 halftrack
  • m-2 halftruck
  • halftrack M9A1
  • M9A1の各部の名称
  • E-M5 各部名称

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