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1. AIDC AT-3 Цу Чунг is an advanced jet trainer operated by the Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF).

Източник: AIDC AT-3 в Уикипедия

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The AIDC AT-3 is a jet trainer aircraft developed by the Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation of Taiwan. It was designed to replace the aging T-33 and T-37 trainers in the Republic of China Air Force. The AT-3 first flew in 1980 and entered service in 1984. The aircraft has a tandem-seat cockpit, a low-wing configuration, and a single turbofan engine. The AT-3 can perform basic and advanced training missions, as well as light attack and reconnaissance roles. The AT-3 has a maximum speed of Mach 0.8, a range of 1,850 km, and a service ceiling of 13,700 m. The AT-3 can carry various weapons on four underwing hardpoints, such as rockets, bombs, gun pods, and air-to-air missiles. The AT-3 has been exported to Thailand and Turkey under the name T-CH-1.

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