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F-86F Sabre Jet "Skyblazers"

Модел на марката ITALERI комплект F-86F Sabre Jet ”Skyblazers” – ITALERI 2503.

The U.S. Air Force aerobatic team called “Skyblazers” was formed in 1949 by riders selected by 36 ° Stormo based on Furstenfeldbruck, Germany, in order to demonstrate the presence of the U.S. military to defend Western Europe in that period of harsh confrontation with the Soviet Union. Initially the patrol, consisting of four aircraft, he performed with the F-80 and as soon as the department of origin received the F-84E Thunderjet higher performance immediately passed to the new plane, with whom she performed in 260 air shows in about three years visiting 12 European countries.

During 1953 the department was moved under the command of 48 Squadron, based in France and received included the F-86 F Sabre.Con this plane, the “Skyblazers” represented America until 1962, when the Department , in the meantime moved on the basis of Bitburg in Germany, was dissolved because it was less the need for formation of a specific representation based in Europe. In the early 60’s the technique of aerial refueling became a standard procedure for U.S. planes, then the U.S. could reach anywhere in the world without stopovers. Consequently, the aerobatic team of the “Thunderbirds” made ​​in America in the ’50s became the only official representation of American aviation training.

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EA-18G Growler-ITALERI 2503
F-86F Sabre Jet Skyblazers – ITALERI 2503
F-86F Sabre Jet Skyblazers - ITALERI 2503
F-86F Sabre Jet Skyblazers – ITALERI 2503
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