Втората британска 17прд противотанково оръдие MK.I-E. T. модел Е35-039



Комплект Bronco 35024

Un set de photodécoupe de la marque E. T. Model Le комплект : “WWII British 17prd Anti-Tank Gun Mk.I”.

The Ordnance Quick-Firing 17 pounder (or just 17 pdr) was a 76.2 mm (3 inch) gun developed by the United Kingdom during World War II. It was used as an anti-tank gun on its own carriage, as well as equipping a number of British tanks. It was the most effective Allied anti-tank gun of the war. Used with the APDS shot it was capable of defeating all but the thickest armour on German tanks. It was used to ‘up-gun’ some foreign-built vehicles in British service, notably the Sherman Firefly, giving British tank units the ability to hold their own with their German counterparts. In the anti-tank role it was replaced by the 120 mm BAT recoilless rifle after the war. As a tank gun it was succeeded by the 20 pounder.

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Втората британска 17прд противотанково оръдие MK.I-E. T. модел Е35-039
Втората британска 17прд противотанково оръдие MK.I-E. T. модел Е35-039
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