P-63 King Cobra - WalkAround

Bell P-63 KingCobra

Landet USA
Roll Stridsflygplan
Första flygningen 7 December 1942
Byggt 3303

Den Bell P-63 Kingcobra is an American fighter aircraft developed by Bell Aircraft in World War II from the Bell P-39 Airacobra in an attempt to correct that aircraft’s deficiencies. Although the P-63 was not accepted for combat use by the United States Army Air Forces, it was adopted by the Soviet Air Force.

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Vänta, Söker P-63 King Cobra bilder för dig...
P-63 King Cobra
Fotograf Unknow
Läge Unknow
Foton 42
Vänta, Söker P-63 King Cobra för dig...
P-63A-7 Kingcobra
Fotograf Cees Hendriks
Läge Unknow
Foton 23

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