Nordamerikanska FJ-3 Raseri

Nordamerikanska FJ-3 Raseri

FotografiJohn Fan

Album 16 bilder gå omkring i ett "North American FJ-3 Fury"

Fotogalleri från en Nordamerikanska FJ-3 Raseri, The North American FJ-2/-3 Fury were a series of swept-wing carrier-capable fighters for the United States Navy and Marine Corps. The FJ-2 resulted from an effort to navalize the United States Air Force’s F-86 Sabre. These aircraft featured folding wings, and a longer nose landing strut designed to increase angle of attack upon launch and to accommodate a longer oleo to absorb the shock of hard landings on an aircraft carrier deck. Although sharing a U.S. Navy designation with its distant predecessor, the straight-winged North American FJ-1 Fury, the FJ-2/-3 were completely different aircraft. (The later FJ-4 Fury was again, a complete structural redesign of the FJ-3). The FJ-2 was one of the aircraft used to evaluate the first steam catapult on a US Navy aircraft-carrier.

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Vänta, Söker Nordamerikanska FJ-3 Fury bilder för dig...
Vänta, Söker Nordamerikanska FJ-3 Raseri för dig...
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