Marmon-Herrington Mk 4f

DržavaJužna Afrika
VrstaOklepna vozila
FotografijaVladimir Yakubov
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Galerija a Marmon-Herrington Mk 4f, South African Reconnaissance Car, better known under as Marmon-Herrington Armoured Car, is a series of armoured vehicles that were produced in South Africa and adopted by the British Army during World War II. Mk IVF (1943) – due to a difficulty in obtaining the Marmon-Herrington kit, a version very similar to the Mk IV but based on the Canadian Ford F60L four wheel drive 3 ton truck chassis was built to fulfill a British order of 1,200 vehicles.

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Storitev zgodovina Wars : World War II Indonesian National Revolution Turkish invasion of Cyprus Rhodesian Bush War 1948 Arab–Israeli War Proizvodnja zgodovina Number built : 5,746 (1940-1944)
Specifikacije Weight : 6.4t Length : 5.51m Width : 1.83m Height : 2.29m Crew : 3-4 Armour : up to 20 mm Main armament : QF 2 pounder gun Secondary armament : 1 or 2 x 7.62 mm Browning machine gun Engine : Ford V-8 petrol Suspension : wheeled 4 x 4 drive Operational range : 322km Speed : 80km/h

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