TipoTanque médio
FotógrafoScott Tremblay

Álbum de 18 fotos de caminhada ao redor de um "RAM Mk.II"

Galeria de fotos de uma RAM Mk.II, The Tank, Cruiser, Ram was a cruiser tank designed and built by Canada in the Second World War, based on the U.S. M3 Medium tank. Due to standardization on the American Sherman tank for frontline units, it was used exclusively for training purposes and was never used in combat as a gun tank. The chassis was used for several other combat roles however, such as a flamethrower tank, observation post, and armoured personnel carrier.

Fonte: RAM Mk.II na Wikipédia

Wait, Searching RAM Mk.II photos for you…
Wait, Searching RAM Mk.II for you…

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